Those on HR DLA shouldn't have to be subjected to a battery of further medical tests as part of the current welfare reform proposals.. These people have usually been subject to many tests over the years. Why should 1 doctor's opinion be trusted more than another anyway?
Too often we're bombarded with negative 'scrounger' type stereotypical imagery which has contributed to a recent surge in disabled hate crime.  What you don't get to hear about are the people with very real & disabling conditions (with a poor enough quality of life anyway) subjected to Dr's asking them to urinate in front of them & other such grossly humiliating 'tests'& questions. Enough is enough!

Why is this idea important?

To restore the dignity of, & end the persecution of, the genuinely disabled in society. Where someone has already been subject to many tests, much form filling, & perpetual scrutiny over the years, the cases where an 'indefinite period' HR DLA award is made should be left in peace to enjoy what they can of their lives without their morale being consistently demolished by perpetual doubt, humiliation, & suspicion.

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