Much of the time people's freedom of action is curtailed by the fear of over-arching organisations that they will, in some way, be subject to damages due to failures in 'health and safety' practices. Insurance companies raise their premiums astronomically and often also settle claims out of court on behalf of those organisations rather than test the validity of plaintiffs' cases – simply because it is easier and it is not the insurers who (ultimately) pay.

If 'no-win, no-fee' litigation were banned then there would be far fewer trivial claims and far fewer chancers trying to make a quick buck despite the lack of a real case… instead the whole system has become self-propelling with income for insurers and ambulance chasing lawyers at the expense of the public purse and the freedom of the individual to act on their own discretion – and to take responsibility for their actions. Small businessmen find that they cannot generate trade because their working practices are so bound up in 'safety-related' red tape and public pursuits from simple youth club and school events to cheese-rolling and other ancient ceremonies are eliminated by this scandalous system.

Why is this idea important?

To preserve the right of the individual and small organisations to pursue their interests and to return us to a social state in which people assume responsibilty for the consequences of their own actions instead of always looking for someone else to blame.

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