At the moment there seems to be a concerted effort by certain lobby groups and government legislation to reduce or eliminate lap dancing clubs on moral grounds. Arguement range from accusations of increased crime to prostitution to drugs involvement, yet many of these areguements turn out to be completely false.

An example was that one of the anti-lap dancing lobby groups suggested that lap dancing clubs experience a high crime rate, yet crime statistics show that lap dancing clubs experience far fewer disturbances than normal night clubs.

I also dispute that lap dancing is exploitation of women because it is 100% consentual and the girls make a very good living. In addition, on the moral arguement, who has the right to impose their morals on other people?

Now, based on these kinds of warped argeuments, the previous government passed legislation that makes it easier for local authorities to close Lapdancing clubs. and I believe that this law is highy undemocratic and oppressive and should be repealed.

Why is this idea important?

Lap dancing is a serious profession and is far from exploitive as the girls are not forced in to it. It is also a good form of second income for many women. In closing lapdancing clubs, many women would be forced in to poverty.

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