Is it not time to repeal the religious sentiments of the Acts of Succession and perhaps any lingering doubts about the fairness of the Oaths Act?  An inclusive democracy should be open to all and to insist that the monarch must be a Protestant in this day and age is ridiculous.  Prince Charles even postponed his marriage to attend the Pope's funeral, while his church, of which one day he will be head,  forced him to marry in a registry office.  Is it right that our monarch cannot choose their own religion? Can't we just all be British?

Why is this idea important?

More than ever it is necessary for ever citizen in this country to beleive that they are a valued member of society, that they are wanted, that they count.  When children grow up to find that anyone believing in any religion other than Anglicanism/Protestantism can never be their head of state they are bound to ask "Why?"  Is a centuries-old piece of legislation suffficient justification for making them feel unwanted or second-class?  Why provide breeding grounds for harbouring resentment, or worse?   We ask people to "pass the cricket test" – shouldn't we provide a level playing field?

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  1. well said. lets removed religion from all governments, offical duties and politics.

    keep religion in the home and church. keep it out of the public.

    im guessing thats not what youre proposing, but it would be much better right?

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