Allow all retailers to open their premises on all Sundays without restriction. Whether or not to open on Sundays and for how long should be a business decision made in consultation with and preferably by agreement with the staff concerned. Existing protections in employment law for staff who wish to observe Sunday as a holy day should be retained.

Why is this idea important?

The religious lobby has imposed its views on the rest of society for far too long. The fact that large shops are only permitted to open for six hours on Sundays (and not at all on Easter Sunday) is something that should be consigned to the history books. The result of this foisting of religious views is crowded shops, rushing to complete purchase by 1600 and ironically, on the day of the year when many UK residents do most of their gardening (Easter Day) a ridiculous ban on Garden Centres opening. 


  1. Retail employees are among the lowest paid and most exploited workers in Britain. If they are to be forced to work even more weekends, then let us have the council offices and schools and factories etc etc all doing shift work and simply abolish the weekend break altogether.

    Anyone who does not like my comment is probably one that would defend to the bitter end their own long weekend break to the bitter end.

    Please do not exploit some of the most exploited workers even more.

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