Religions masquerade as charities solely in order to avoid paying tax on their income when in actual fact very little of their expenditure could genuinely be described as being of a charitable nature. A massive percentage of their fiscal outlay is purely for the purpose of perpetuating their existence, nothing charitable about that at all. Their income from investments in stocks and shares, property etc. would dwarf the balance of payments of many nations. Yet they are exempt from taxation. This must end.

Why is this idea important?

This country is currently burdened by the most enormous debts. The ordinary individual citizens are faced with increased personal taxation,  cuts to front line services including education, policing, health, benefits for the sick and disabled, the armed forces etc. In fact all the elements our Government is elected to supply! Many of these cuts could be avoided or made less severe if our Government had the courage to force religions to account to the Inland Revenue for their actual charitable expenditure and pay tax on the balance. Millions of pounds could be recovered every year. 

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