abolish the tax reliefs available to buy to let landlords (such as mortgage interest, etc), I would also advocate introducing new taxes.   Did you know we spend more on this than we do on social housing, how can that be right or justifiable?

Why is this idea important?

Buy to let didn`t really exist to any great extent until the housing boom of the last 12 years which through lax lending policies (amongst other factors) allowed baby boomers and others to use the equity in their homes to buy more houses and rent them out.   This contributed to the rise in house prices and is effectively a transfer of wealth from younger generations to the older generations.  House prices were effectively "bid" up and first time buyers could not compete with these cash buyers, and the situation will worsen over the next few years.   It is not a level playing field, why should first time buyers and others, subsidise this favourable tax treatment through the tax system? 

The other issue is that productive money that could instead go to businesses, be invested in shares, etc, which would create real wealth for the UK, instead we get illusory growth based on house price inflation.  The govt should discourage this – a home is to live in, it is not a business.

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