Simply, it should be outlawed for banks to make PROFIT from it's customers having a hard time financially.

I personally, only last month was charged in excess of £40 for being 54p short for a direct debit, with the "payment review fees" – which are added instantly – and subsequently take the account overdrawn and open it up to further charges, and the daily charges for being overdrawn as a result of the decision made at the expensive "payment review".

I'm pretty sure it doesn't cost Alliance and Leicester £40+ to decide whether or not to pay a direct debit which is 54p short.


The banks are currently putting those who struggle to get by in this increasingly expensive Country into a spiral of debt and charges and that is unacceptable considering OUR TAX MONEY was used to save them from their own mistakes.



We want a bank to LOOK AFTER our money, not to take as much as they can at every single opportunity. If needs be creat a National bank, a not for profit organization who can look after the British peoples money, allow them to pay wages in and bills out, without simply existing to sell financial products and to create as much debt as possible.

Why is this idea important?

Becaue the people of this once Great Country who have the least are having yet more taken from them by the greedy banks.

To someone who is having trouble getting all their bills paid, the last thing they need are further bank charges.


it's disgusting the way the banks treat customers on the breadline.

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