I work as a sports coach and have 7 crbs two from 2 local authorities (which require me to renew every year) 4 from four separate schools within a single local authority and one for volunteering at a local sports club. I have paid £46 for each crb check however I did get a free check for volunteering. I truly feel that I am being "financially abused" why is it that I have to pay for the same thing 6 times over? In order to work I must have a crb because if I refused then I would certainly lose business. Now I am not saying we should scrap crbs completely in theory I support it I believe people should be screened who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults because sadly we cannot trust everyone in our society. However what annoys me to my bones is when I turn up to a school and ask if they want to check and photo copy my crb and receive a reply of "What's a crb?" or "No you're alright" or "No I’m busy " what is the point of putting in place all these measures, procedures and investment so that when it comes to the front line staff who deal with crbs on a daily basis that they simply throw everything back in my face.

My recommendation would be simple yet effective, have one single crb check make it as simple or comprehensive as possible (in terms of the background check). Make the crbs personal to that person so it wouldn’t matter if an individual worked for 1, 2 or even 30 different companies/local authorities/schools/voluntary organisations etc etc, that way a person can work freely without being hindered by RED TAPE which drastically slows down my business. I except complexity to discuss and agree to the people/positions that require a crb check and the actual length of a crb i.e. 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. I must make clear that once a decision has been made it should be kept and not tampered with every year. Finally, in an ideal world the price for a crb check would be much lower dare I say free but I would accept a fair price that reflects the work and man hours required to complete my crb check not a stupidly overly priced and highly duplicated system which we all know it is at present.

Why is this idea important?


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