A person who has a prison sentence of a short time has the hope to reform and become
a ex-offender, however its possible for a person who has a one year prison sentence to
to have many more years added to the original sentence with the use of a extended sentence
so will have no hope of becoming a ex offender and from that the sentence will never
become spent and from this more problems come to light, like the no hope of finding work
and having a stable life, if the person does not have work or a stable life they stand a chance
to re-offend as they have nothing to lose.

I am now looking at Sky news with the shootings in Northumbia who is classed by the news
as a ex-criminal but who has also said he has no future and lost everything in his life and i
feel this will happen more as he has lost all that he had in life, so yes as can be seen he has
now gone back to crime as he has nothing to lose. If he had a chance of a normal life its
possible that the events that are going on will not happen.

In psychology there is a “ maslow’s pyramid” that sets out what people need in life and
by many people not having a chance in life due to the extended sentence and that is a additional
sentence how come you can be punished more than one time for one offence?

Its also known that many people in prison have problems, so a extended sentence will give
more problems by never being able to be a ex criminal even tho prison may help them
as well as probation deal with problems they may have and its help they need not prison.

Its also known that the UK lock more people up that other EU countries.

What i would like to see is, if a person is handed a one year sentence than that's that, if they
re-offend then yes they will go back to prison and for longer that next time, this way its upto
the offender knowing what to expect if they do re-offend.

Also if the ex-criminal can get work then that's less people on the dole and the person
could lead a normal life and this fact is know by the home office, but it was the Labour
Party that made the extended sentence, what they have done is make it harder for people
with a short sentence to lead a normal life “ after paying for there crime”

Law should be equal for everyone so its not right that SOME people can get a extended
sentence and others not as in the results of this are some people get a chance to turn
there life around and others will not.

Why is this idea important?

In order to get people back to a working and normal life and OFF the dole, a person sitting at home doing nothing has no hope, getting rejected for work due to not having a spent conviction will not make a better quality of life for the ex-crim, we know the saying of idle hands so help people not hinder, again it was the Labour party that started this extended sentence thing and look how the country is now! yes its in a mess so lets undo what the Labour party did and lets make the UK a better and a fair place to live and ALL work together for a future. People with hope will have things to lose so if we can give them things to lose then logic would say they wont want to lose it!

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