To bring an end to dogs being banned and euthanised because of their breed or the way they look.

To deal with the issues surrounding crimes with dogs, look at the owner and punish those who train dogs to be dangerous or out of control. Remove their entitlement to own an animal indefinately.

Why is this idea important?

Many dogs which have been raised in a good family environment have been taken away by local authorities for months and years at a time with minimal care and interaction, whilst someone decides if the way they look determines their death sentance.

Punish the deed that has been carried out and irresponsible ownership, not the breed of dog.

One Reply to “End to Breed Specific Legislation”

  1. All dogs being sold should have to be microchipped before leaving their mother. That should be law and would deter casual breeders. My concern is that more puppies would be drowned, so we should say that rescues will try to take non-microchipped dogs to avoid this. All dogs should be licensed (£10), which would discourage casual buyers and the government should dissipate this money on animal welfare issues, including staff, employed to microchip animals in rescue centres. I wish!!

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