I think that you should not be able to sue the victim for things that happen to you if you are breaking the law at the time.

Examples being – if you are breaking in to a building and fall through a roof, or injure yourself on barbed wire, or get bitten by a dog etc. whilst acting illegally – there should be no option to sue for damages.  Nor should the victim face any charges or have a dog destroyed for instance.

It is about time the victim's human rights were put first.

Linked to this, I also think the rules on Legal Aid should be tightened to stop people wasting money on such cases – again if you were acting illegally and this has been proved – no legal aid.

Why is this idea important?

It is just plain wrong that you can get money from breaking the law or while breaking the law and that often the victim as to pay it.

Whilst I see the point of the human rights act, I don't feel it fair that a criminal's human rights seem to get preference over the victim.  Quite honestly I think the major thing I'd add to the human right act is that certain rights are forfeit or suspended whilst in the process of breaking the law as the victim should come first.

Tightening up the Legal Aid laws could also save some cash, which we badly need.

Plus it might give people in the street a bit of their respect back – knowing they aren't being put last, after the rights of the thief that broke in, or cut themselves whilst stealing.

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