Specifically for men, and by association equality for children in UK family courts.

Despite the law appearing to have equality, rather it does not apparently discriminate, in practice men are horribly discriminated against and children by association can suffer very badly.

Relatively good statitstics demonstrate that nearly 1000 women a week use the 'he's abusive' claim to have their husband thrown out of their home, to prevent him seeing the children (they also suffer, lets not forget) and she wins pretty much all equity and an income for decades based on maintenance and child support. Of these 1000 cass or so A WEEK over 980 are later proved to be based on false claims. Nothing happens as women are imune to prosecution for this under Labours feminist policies that continue to exist despite fairness, logic and any actual reason.

If we want an equal society then lets make it actually equal. I am aware from my own case and many that I've been involved in that the ONLY area of English law in which we are guilty until proven innocent is with regard to men and claims of domestic violence and sexual abuse towards children – given that most abusers according to every actual investigation shows it's women why have we ended up with this feminist idead that it's always men. How can such discrimination exist regardless of all facts in 2010?

Please, we are just asking for equality – not special recognistion. Is that unBritish or an unreasonable request?

Why is this idea important?

Becuase 400,000 children and thousands of fathers suffer each year under Labours old feminist based family legislation – it may win them female votes but it's at the cost of our children (the next generation) and half the population.

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