Police and highways staff should enforce lanediscipline on motorways by fines, penalty points and short term bans for failure to observe lane discipline and inconsiderate driving.

Why is this idea important?

To improve traffic flow and ease conjestion.

In Europe motorists generaly strictly observe lane discipline. Traffic flows much more easilly and can legally travel at the often higher 80mph speed limit.

In the UK, the outside lane of the motorway is often full while lanes 1 and 2 are relatively empty. Often a driver will plant themselves in the middle lane at 60 to 70mph and never move. More recently some drivers have started to use the outerlane in this way.

Add to this the HGV driver who creeps past another lorry in the middle lane and the situation is much worse.

Method of education TV and press advertising, use of overhaed signs on motorways, posters and leaflets at service stations. Reminders at entry slip roads.

Enforcement: Police and highways officials should photograph offending vehicles and issue fixed penaly notices for first offences, penalty points and short bans for repeat offenders.

Other suggestions:

At accidents and roadwork lane restrictions, HGV vehicles should be banned from using the outer lane. All goods vehicles of any size should be restricted to lanes 1 and 2.

HGVs should be restricted to Lane in areas of conjestion such as the M5/M6 junction.

The M6 toll road should be free for all goods vehicles.



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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! DEFINATELY!! The driving on the motorways in the UK is diabolical, middle and right lane hogs are dangerous and are causing major piles ups and conjestion, get them in the left lane! Fine them, Ban them, whatever it takes. Get our roads moving, make them safer and more pleasurable to drive on by enforcing strict lane dicipline, there is no reason the speed limit should not be increased if people know and stick to the correct lane.

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