It should be enacted that any breach of the DPA should be an automatic fine paid to the person whoes information has been passed to a third party without their consent.  eg DVLA giving driver details and vehicle owner details to private companies to issue civil penalty notices.  If any organisation divulges private information to a third party without express WRITTEN permission then the oprganisation will pay £250 to the person agrieved. Any written permission wil lonly last a specific period of time as stated and only for the stated organisation.  Further breaches agasint the same person will result in incremental increases of £250 to a maximum of £1000 per breach.  This would do away withthe Data Protection Registrar who does not act against any organisation even though they admit several breaches have taken place.. this will also save the country the £ms paid to this toothless, powerless and useless quango

Why is this idea important?

It puts the onus on data holders to be careful with the personal date it holds and not to divulge, lose or distribute without time sensitive written permission and so we can do away with the Data Protection Registrar who does nothing about breaches and save £millions

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