Stricter controls on the ownership of Pitbull dogs and to make it an offence not to have it muzzled whilst outside.

Why is this idea important?

These type of dogs are very popular amogst the youth of today, visiting various council estates in my job  and seeing these dogs being used as weapons and most of all are used to intimidate. Not that long ago a Police Officer had a Pitbull set on him and a 19 year old and was given a 3 month Jail term after his pitbull savaged a guide dog and banned for keeping dogs for 10 years. It's terrible that you can't go about your lawful duties without being intimidated by some of the owners of these dogs. I think, and would like to see the goverment at least make it compulsory to have all types of Pitbulls muzzled, and if the owner is seen and does not have it muzzled, then can be prosecuted or have his dog siezed. This would at least make the public feel less threatened.

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