Local Councils up and down the land create multi language versions of a lot of information, this includes employing  interpreters to provide support to those who don't speak english.

This should be stopped immediately, why?

Move the cost burden onto those who can't speak english, if they live in our country they should try to as a minimum try to learn the language, whilst this is impossible to impose on them, why should we make it easier for them not to learn at our cost?

So if someone is in this country and they want to avail themselves of local or central government information, benefits etc etc, then the onus is on them to obtain the informaiton in a way that they can understand the onus is on them to understand us, not the other way around.

Try going to France and even trying to obtain an English menu at a restaurant where you are actually paying for the pleasure of eating there!! this should be law, we will only deal in English, if you want it in a form you can understand then you can phone or friend or pay one of the many businesses that provide this service.

Why is this idea important?

Reduce the burden on the taxpayer

Encourage those who want to stay here to learn the language

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