It is not right that allegations made against a person, which have been investigated by the police and no further action taken should show up on an enhanced CRB check for future employers to see and potentially provent a person from getting a job.

If you are accused of a crime and charged you can go to court and defend yourself and potentially be exhonorated. If you are accused of a crime and there is no basis to it, no further action and no charge it lingers over you for the rest of your days. It shows up on enhanced CRB checks and irrespective of what people say, if something negative comes back people do think "theres no smoke without fire", you are not going to get a job.

What happend to the presumption that you are inncocent until proven guilty? I agree we should protect the vulnerable but there has to be a better way of doing it.

Why is this idea important?

Because it is affecting innocent people up and down the country who cannot move on with their lives following false allegations.

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  1. Having been and still in this situation i whole heartedly agree. The trouble is unless you find yourself in this situation you have no idea just how bad it can be. In work and social. Ie kids go to cubs but i can’t go on trips as i need my crb check done.until some one ie chief inspector. Judge. Mp knows what the real implication are of allegations are nothing will change

    1. No further action- NFA does not, by any means, mean that person is innocent; it means there was insufficient evidence to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt.

      A lot of sexual assault and rape cases – 95% never make it to court, though the accusers are believed, of course.

      However, I do have sympathy for those who have had false and malicious allegations made against them; I cannot imagine what that feels like, but please, have respect for those who have been through a living hell- something terrible, then had the courage and strength to come forward to report it.

      Not all allegations are “false and malicious”.

      Thank you

      1. and that is why the court system is there to prove an allegation beyond reasonable doubt and not to punish the innocent because of an unsubstantiated claim.

      2. quote ”No further action- NFA does not, by any means, mean that person is innocent; it means there was insufficient evidence to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt.” unquote

        If there was NFA it wouldn’t reach a jury! I had allegations made against me 2 years back that we proved to be totally malicious. Now waiting on a DBS enhanced ….. and worrying.

  2. A girl ruined my life making an allegation ,she has done it twice before too ! I told the Police they did not want to know , nfa for me… they did not even want to speak to me , but .I will never work again in my career but what happens to that scum …NOTHING !!

  3. I feel so sorry for people in this situation!
    14 months ago i had a malicious, fabricated allegation made against me by someone previously in my care (I am a care home manager).
    It has taken me over a year to clear my name. The care trust concerned have offered me £250 compensation for their failings, a derisory amount for the stress, hurt and professional damage my family and I have suffered. When will justice and fairness prevail in these situations!

    1. I am going through the same thing and now it’s ruining my life after 6 years how did you manage to clear your name maybe this maybe helpful to me ??

      1. Hi Farai. Im going through a similar problem and I’ve seen your comment is recent. Please let me know how your situation went.

  4. My partners ex partner has repeatedly made false allegations against him. Last november he had arranged with her to visit his daughter.on the weekend of the visit she went missing having left a message to say their daughter was ill.
    he became increasingly worried and throughout 3days left concerned txts and made 11 attempts to get through by phone. By the 3rd evening we reported her missing to her local police. The female police officer phoned her and got through.
    3 days later the police arrested my partner for harrassment and impersonating a police officer. They took his phone sent it for analysis. 2.5 mnths later they returned his phn and the case was nfa’d. My partner then whilst trying to get contact with his daughter, cafcass report said the police quote’ ‘was recently arrested for harrassment. Over a 3 day period he made 70phone calls’. This was a lie as they knew how many calls were made and it was 11. How can this be acceptable

  5. Retaining and disclosing malicious information is outrageous and surely hinders our safeguarding system. Problem is that most allegations are made by women against men. If it were the other way around the practice would stop immediately. It is similar with giving a student a lifelong disclosable police record for ‘belching in public’ and giving a ‘V’ sign to a CCTV. It does nothing whatever to keep children safe,

  6. The police should not be left in charge of what goes on dbs checks as they will always claim innocent people who have been cleared by a court are guilty. They will never admit they made mistakes and charged an innocent person and in doing so have directly destroyed an innocent person life. Consider the case of the young woman who falsely cried rape then when she was caught out killed herself. The eagerness of police to make an arrest directly contributed to this young woman death and at the same time destroyed an innocent man’s life. And the police still say they thought the innocent man was guilty
    Your either guilty or innocent and if innocent you should be allowed to carry on with your life unhindered.

    1. I lost my job, and subsquently flat and car as a result of this and it took the police over 2 years to investigate… During which times I couldn’t start several other jobs. I was applying to medical trials to make ends meet. The police were the ones who made the allegations ofcourse…

      It went some way to explain why I was pulled over 15 times in a 2 year period. Turns out they only recorded 5 of these 15 stops and of those 5 the officer who pulled my over gave different reasons in their report to what they claimed to be stopping me for, they also failed to report/record strip searches.

      No legal aid…
      Proffessional standards side with police…
      Appeals were pouitless…

      Police have no duty of care the the public. How messed up is that. DBS offered £50 to cover costs of applying for CRBs. Which totalled over £50.

      Conservative cuts… Fire them all.

      1. Here here buddy – it’s a sick old world and experience tells us it’s not getting better anytime soon…

        Sadly, I too am a victim of nasty allegations and it has knocked my potential for six – nothing seems to get any better and the spiral downwards is kind of bottomless until you actually hit rock bottom.

        It’s taken me five years to get there and only then do you look back and realise how far you have fallen…

        For me the journey back has begun, and I am starting to see some light again; I am expecting it to take 5 years just to get where I was – that’s a decade lost, something the Police and CPS could have nipped in the bud.

        They are simply beyond the law and if like me you watched police programmes, it couldn’t be further from the reality – nothing not even gather evidence and ask the neighbours, if an assault occurred surely people would have heard it.

        No statement from my dad who was present because even though he’s 80 the police deemed him to be a potential liar ! Nice.

        It was an appaling time for me as I am sure it was for you, I wish you success and goodwill – if you believe I’m karma – it will all come good for you, for all you know you’ll win the Lottery and have all the goodies you’ve ever desired, hey and if you do, don’t forget my cut !

        With all good wishes – life goes on, make the most of it, if you want to get even, stop assisting the police as I have done, no more kindness like I used to afford them – just do me one favour and don’t get mad !

        It will all come good, given a few years !!

  7. My ex accused me of rape on a number of occasions but every time l got a nfa didn’t go to court no conviction for these outrageous aligation.
    Will this show on a crb check?

  8. If you think the process of challenging the police disclosure through the independent monitor your kidding yourself as they will always agree with the police. So the question really is how can you stop false allegation ruining lives and is there an organisation willing to fund a challenge against such disclosures??

  9. Just recently been through a nightmare of some lowlife walking into my car when it was stationary and claiming I ran him over. An idiot across the road gave a statement supporting him. My barrister basically got her to admit that as she was 17 metres away and the car obstructed her view to the point of impact she saw nothing. furthermore I found a witness who worked next door to the ‘victim’ who gave statement to court about a previous incident were he tried to pull the same trick. Clearly the accuser was on some scam to have a claim up. The police charged me with assault with a deadly weapon (i.e. the car). It Has cost me 10 k to fight this. the police despite my insistence they get a statement to this mans behaviour from the guy that worked next door to him showing him trying to pull the same scam before, didn’t bother. I have no criminal convictions and this accuser and one of his witnesses have 20 convictions between them including GBH and ABH and burglary but because these offences were over 5 years old they were considered spent and therefore unmentionable in court. The case was heard by a district judge at a magistrates court, I pleaded not guilty (because I wasn’t). The court hearing lasted two hours and after hearing the silly woman give evidence and the accuser lying through his teeth and getting found out with his conflicting accounts the judge halted proceedings and dismissed the charges, the CPS agreed with the Judge. I didn’t even give evidence aside from the judge listening to my police interview. I am totally totally disgusted at the police, the CPS and the CJS. I am 10 k out of pocket and have been told I will only get a small mount of this back. I have been to hell and back.

    Two questions can somebody clarify ‘Case Dismissed’ as somebody has raised the spectre of me being arrested and charged as being held on my record which presents a major problem as I was opening an event venue and need my licence to trade. Will an enhanced check show up?

    Second question is the questions of my costs, the 10k is the tip of the iceberg as it has stressed and depressed me for the last 10 months, I cannot believe the stupidity of the police and the CPS and I feel very let down and depressed by the whole episode. How do I get my money back, what are the chances of suing the police and CPS?

    1. Hey I’m sorry to read so many stories on this website – did you get anywhere with this; I was falsely accused of assault and later rape by my estranged ex and despite her making a confession to inflicting her own injuries (all right handed) no defence wounds – in a phone, the police and CPS continued to ruin my life;

      I have lost years with no peace and over £20k financially because she was entitled to the benefit of the doubt and I wasnt, it’s disgusting I agree – I am 50 years old and an upstanding citizen, a proud britan and my wife came from India and did all this in just six months and she got all the support and I got nothing but being locked up, arrested twice and it makes no sense why these cretins have no common sense at all.

      I have never hurt anyone and never would – my MP was great support but the Police are simply above the law – it makes me sad to call myself British !

      Seriously any ideas about suing would be music to my ears, however unrealistic ! I am numb to the whole thing now but I had to attend court and a trial and was found ‘not guilty’ because the magistrates were heaven sent and so great – she gave evidence via video link (because cps said she was scared of me) and she was inconsistent plus I had the recorded confession – which she denied was her voice until the day of the trial some some six months later – then she admitted it was her and despite the CPS having already said to my solicitor that “one of them is lying” – and if it’s her they will cease with the matter, but carried on with the prosecution after the fact and the prosecutor was particularly nasty to me.

      In the end the rape matters were NFA and didn’t even get to court, the assault s37 was ‘not guilty’ verdict I need to know my position because I want to do a DBS check to work with a new nursery project and I don’t want this false, baseless, malicious and sick accusation to ruin any more of what remains of my life…

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

      Oh and she’s free to get a new visa and has recourse to public funds despite the fraud of marrying me just to get into the country – and after six months of being here and making the false accusations she has put a home rights notice on my home and is asking for a lump sum – really?? Thanks West Yorkshire Police – for not seeing wood for the trees; I am optimistic that justice will prevail – but it is a nightmare that I would sooner see the back of.

      My advice never get married ever again; this country is pro-women and I pity the genuine victims of these heinous crimes – all my female friends were fab and I am glad that these nasty women are hated by all, except the Police of course; who come in numbers to arrest a successful law abiding, God fearing man and humiliate him in front of his neighbours because a foreign national (Babarian) chose to hit herself with an iron and cause injuries which she said I had caused with a shoe – like that’s the chosen weapon of the west!

      Sadly I must stop, I can see a novel brewing – maybe that will get me some of my money back….


  10. Hey Terence
    It’s my understanding if your acquitted of charges you can claim back your costs from central funds but this only applies to cases in England as here in Scotland there is no provision to claim back defence costs. But I’m not an expert just someone who has had is life completely devastated by false allegation. As far as making a claim against the police I guess that would be difficult as they were investigation a complaint. I think the best you can do is make a complaint to police complaints commission. But you really need expert guidance. I think you would need to prove the police investigation was corrupt or illegal which would be extremely difficult. Try your local law clinic for a free consultation or a solicitor who would do legal probono work on your behalf.
    These are just my views and should be taken as advise.

  11. Thomas I totally agree, the Police police themselves, I have gone up against them with the complaints commission (who are pointless) and the Police commissioner and to be honest, it’s more heartache than it’s worth, there are some things that are just plain unfair and understandably it’s worse in Scotland if you can’t even get your fees back.

    Luckily for me I got legal aid (after a struggle) because my earnings plummeted as a result of depression and by the time we came to preparing for the trial – we had better, albeit limited resources, but still it capped my losses at around £20k add loss of earnings and the mental and physical anguish and the fact that I can’t trust another woman ever again; and I guess that means no kids, no one to grown old with yada yada yada…

    The future looks bleak all because the Police had no common sense when they first attended my home, the arresting officer said you have a beautiful house, and despite my credentials, my professional occupation; they just simply arrested me and kept me in for exactly 24 hours because WYP have a zero tolerance to domestic violence…

    Hey you live and learn, and sadly our peers clearly let the (gun and) the badge get the better of them, it’s a very big chip on the shoulder with no accountability whatsoever – something should be done about it.

    Sadly, the good officers are few and far between 🙁

  12. Hi Vinnie I agree with everything you say. It\\\\\\\’s really difficult (which is huge understatement) I\\\\\\\’ve been struggling since 2012 with it all. You I don\\\\\\\’t want revenge I just want to be allowed to get on with my life but it\\\\\\\’s not happening. If I have another set back my life is really going to be over which sounds dramatic but it\\\\\\\’s the truth. As I can\\\\\\\’t really go on the way things are it\\\\\\\’s destroyed my life and is destroying my family too.

  13. My crb came back a year ago.i have not been able to get a job it’s ruined my life i don’t know what to do who to go to? I’m absolutely devastated! The comments made by the police were completely untrue! But nobody’s listening ! Could anybody help me?

  14. My wife had a malicious allegation made against her which the police investigated and after 2 months just came back and said – not being pursued.
    No apology or anything like that and of course the notes will now appear on her DBS which could have implications for her job.
    What can we do to get the comments on the DBS removed?
    She was never charged and did absolutely nothing wrong. This whole process has soured our trust in the police and the nanny state that we live in – where the innocent people are punished and people can say what they like without any fear of being pursued.

    1. Terrible stories here, folks. I was arrested in May for sexual offences against a child on the internet. I was a foster carer (not any more!) and am still a secondary school teacher. Was suspended from work and Social Services treated my whole family as if we were ALL guilty. The foster boys were taken from us without us even being able to say goodbye! I was bailed to my parents and was only able to see my son for two 3 hour sessions a week (both my parents had to supervise the contact). It turns out that there was a ‘clerical error’ made by the police which resulted in a ‘full stop’ being omitted in an internet address. The police have confirmed that the offence was nothing to do with me or my address and have dropped the investigation. However, it seems that the enhanced DBS will always show up that I was arrested, and the nature of the alleged offence. No promotion for me, then. Surely there must be a way of getting all records expunged? Got a London solicitor on the case – fingers crossed! I feel your pain, folks – life sucks sometimes.

      1. Dave

        What is the prognosis of the London Solicitor.

        I find myself in a similar situation where an ex partner accused me of 14 accounts of historical rape, when I was collecting and dropping my daughter of at her mothers. I have full custody of my Daughter and had so for a few years previous to any rape allegations. At the time the ex had applied to the courts to get residence of my daughter which she did on the interim basis as the courts always listen to the Mother. I attended the courts and caffcas where instructed to carry out a report, when caffcas met with my daughter and ex what they witnessed and saw was enough to call for an emergency hearing, this was a Wednesday and the court listed an emergency hearing for the following Monday. The ex and my self were notified of caffcas recommendation to return my daughter to me immediately. When the ex got this information she called the police and had me arrested and detained, I live some 300 miles from the ex and was held for 33 hours by the local constabulary before being transported to the correct constabulary on arrival was again arrested and the full blow came out at the 14 counts of historical rape. The allegations were clearly made to better her posistion in the family courts And it worked for some 10months. I cooperated fully with police and was interviewed intensely for 3 hours, however I was surprised as I was only asked basic questions that would last for some 20 moneyed or so the rest of the interview was version of events. The police eventually came to the conclusion of NFA the case did not reach the CPS or courts. Will this show up on a disclosure for my employer, my employer has nothing to do with care working or children or financial it is a sales job. What is likely to show on a disclosure and what sort of disclosure would be needed for this type of job.

  15. Hi
    My DBS certificate is being processed and they delaying now 3 weeks on stage 3 which is children and vulnerable adults. I have been alleged against list of allegations by my children who were manipulated by my ex to go to the police and say I shouted and hit them etc. It’s absolutely false and there is a note of unsubstantiated and no proof.
    I have applied and interviewed to work with old people and the employer wanted to send the DBS application to the police by themselves. Seeing that it’s stuck in stage 3 and every week they return to this stage ( I follow online and the date of completion of this stage every time changes. This means that they are very busy with these allegations. I gift know that in DBS enhanced check they might disclose even mere allegations. I thought only proven and substantiated and convictions will appear. This is outrageous. I am considering to fax the police to withdraw the application or I should ask the recruitment agency to do that.

  16. Simple Fact!! Police have too much power which they will keep on abusing. They don’t want people to progress or be better than them. Something needs to be done about their abuse of powers!

  17. We are foster carers and had a little boy who had terrible temper tantrums and difficulties. Our neighbours who were going through a messy divorce put their house up for sale. They verbally threatened us to keep the little boy quiet because of putting any potential buyers off. They then sent threatening text saying they would loose us our job.
    Twelve weeks ago a call was made anonymously to the police a primary witness and a secondary witness said they had seen my husband and myself physically and emotionally abusing the little boy and his sister who is eight. We have never been spoken to the police, the people telephoned days after the supposed abuse happened. A strategy meeting was held with the LA and the physical abuse was unfounded but they substantiated the emotional abuse! There evidence being a un founded allegation we had years ago from a young teenage mum. They have said now the DBS has to be informed and we don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t know if they are going to put all this on our DBS and if they do can we stay as foster carers.? We just don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t know and are going through hell at the moment. We love our job and a bully and spiteful person can just take it away in a five minute telephone calls

    1. 9 years ago my vindictive ex, maliciously made accusations about me molesting her daughter i was questioned in the morning and NFA later that afternoon as police agreed she had been lying all because I broke up with her. My wife and I cannot have children and are not allowed to adopt or foster because of this, as it shows NFA on my DNS and police refuse to remove it from record. She has ruined any opportunity of us having a family. . .

      It is unfair that we have to suffer because of it.

  18. 9 years ago my vindictive ex, maliciously made accusations about me molesting her daughter i was questioned in the morning and NFA later that afternoon as police agreed she had been lying all because I broke up with her. My wife and I cannot have children and are not allowed to adopt or foster because of this, as it shows NFA on my DBS and police refuse to remove it from record. She has ruined any opportunity of us having a family. . .

    It is unfair that we have to suffer because of it.

  19. Has anybody got anywhere with fighting the accusations msde on them. My boyfriend lost his job for working at a rehoming centre for the homeless as some of the men ganged up on him & made up lies about him just after he had to give them eviction notices if they didn’t may their rent. He proved some of the lies to be incorrect but not all & was struggling at the time as his mum was also dying of liver failure. After working there for 7 years he has since had trouble holding down a job, he has lost so much trust in people & is scared if he applies for a job he likes they accusations will appear.

  20. A DBS check has shown a disclosure I know nothing about. No cautions, convictions, never been arrested, never even been spoken to by the police. No certificate yet, so I do not know what the disclosure is, only that something has shown up (I know the person who made the DBS application and is giving me a job). What could this possibly be? I know in my heart I have never done anything wrong. Do mistakes get made? Could someone have made an allegation about me that I know nothing about? Anything anyone could offer?

  21. once a accusation has been started it should have to run all the way through to a guilty or not guilty verdict and in the case where accusations have been made and the accused has been found not guilty the accuser should be prosecuted it’s that simple everybody needs to be accountable for their actions including the police when it is they who have made the accusation and I don’t mean lip service either I mean prosecuting false accusations to the full extent of the law and if the police have been found to knowingly make the false accusation then they should face the harsh end of available penalties. the suitable penalty will of course be the same as the penalty was for the accused crime. you accuse somebody of rape and they are not guilty you should get life, accuse somebody of child abuse you should get life in the special Wing where you can suffer the torment expected by known paedophiles.

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