To ensure that an easy process and the law is changed to ensure individuals who have not been convicted or cautioned for any offence have the information removed from their CRB under the CHIEF CONSTABLES DESCRETION.  This is not the chief constables decision but an admin assistant in the local police station. 

If someone is not convicted or cautioned the information should not be on the CRB as it is a breach of human rights, impossible to remove or challenge and detrimental to working life.


The court of Appeal is currently looking at this issue re LIBERTY who are trying to assist those who have been wrongly accused or need to challenge information on their CRB


There is no one who can change this only the Government! 

Why is this idea important?

Lots of individuals are being wrongly discriminated against due to mis information on their CRB or they have not been cautioned or convicted of any offence. The written information is detrimental and unfair to those who are innocent.


There is no way to challenge or remove information at present and the decision lies solely with the police service.  This is unfair, not diverse and is a breach of human rights.


It would be benefical to see someone in government challenge this and set new standards to ensure people who were innocent were not covertly branded guilty with no caution or conviction and no evidence.  DNA /PHOTOS AND FINGERPRINTS should also be able to be removed in cases of no conviction or caution. 

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