I have an enhanced CRB where I was accused of downloading indecent images. This was proven to be untrue and I was declared innocent. I teach the long term unemployed skills to get back to work but the DWP – linked employer I work for has suspended me after an investigation why I had what I had on my CRB !!! Innocent until proven guility ?? Dont make me laugh. Though innocent of the charges, the fact they appeared on the enhanced CRB  has resulted in my employer forgetting my excellent work with adults (!) and asking the company Chief Medical Officer to evaluate my former OCD and its impact on my case, and even took copies of the Court records ( anonymity was assured at the case so not in the publid domain ), my ISA letter that does not bar me working with children and vulnerable adults and even other sensitive information that declares me a man of impeccable character. The chief police cuntstable would not change the comments on the CRB even though they were not quite right, and the Vetting Officer at Leicestershire Authority would not change it – he was a real arrogant man ! What relevance did the enhancement have to my role, and the fact I was innocent – I have no record and am more likely to abuse England Footballers on TV than abuse a child or a vulnerable adult ! I have lost all faith in the police – pigheaded in more ways than one. We need to start an action group to repeal the crap the Blair Government imposed as a knee jerk reaction to the police's screwups at Soham.

Why is this idea important?

Decent people are prevented or discouraged from working with children by laws meant to punish a very small minoirty who do abuse but not the majority who would NEVER hurt a child. The law needs changing, and the ISA VBS declaration needs adopting as the police have too much power to be malicious. ( That's if there are any police left after Raoul Moat has finished his rampage and rant !!! )

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