We  all think that if we are ill the NHS will care for us.

SOmetimes that happens.

SOMETIMES it doesn't happen!

A big problem in the NHS is that patients are turned away due to internal politics of health trusts, discrimination, the over inflated ego of the individual doctor, punishment for challenging  medical opinion when it is wrong and sadly, sometimes because of ignorance on the part of NHS employees.

When things go wrong because of this it comes to public attention if the patient dies  as a result or suffers immediate and devastating effects.

The rest of those turned away are left to struggle on and hope that things don't get worse.

Action is needed NOW to ensure that this sort of thing stops – patients shouid be able to log their incident with the service provider and the doctor or other clinician should be required to make a written explanation of their decision.

Why is this idea important?

We need to enhance the right to health care for EVERYBODY and to prevent the situations where people are harmed or die as a result of such bad decisions.

A logging system that requires a written response – that could be investigated urgently and resolved- would probably prevent many of such situations arising in the first place – and enable patients to have their needs met and problems treated without having to go through lengthy complaints procedures.

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