Make it illegal for manufacturers to list their ingredients and instructions in ultra small print that even people with optimum vision cannot read.

Print on packaging has become smaller and smaller over the years so that now it is quite often little more than an unintelligible fuzz.

For people who have to avoid certain ingredients and additives due to personal choice, dietary requirements etc it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the important information they need when the print is far too small.

I feel that is every citizen's right to know what they are purchasing, and think this is an issue of civil liberty because we all need to have the freedom of choice to find out what is in the item we are buying and we need to know how to safely follow the instructions on a product and be able to see those instructions clearly, but it is often impossible to even see the relevant information one needs. 

Please introduce a minimum standard size on how small the small print can be. 

Why is this idea important?




Because important wording on packaging and instructions is often just too small to read, even for those who are not visibly impaired. Not being able to see relevant information can be positively dangerous for everyone.

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