Ensure that someone who kills gets life and not 3 years! Manslaughter or not!

I, like most law abising citizens find it appalling that two people could hit a man in his 70s to the ground who later died got a few years. It wasn't the first man they had hit. It was murder, it is highly likely that a man in his 70s would fall if hit. Even manslaughter or GBH should get more than a few years. At the same time a man who conned someone out of a million pounds "selling" the Ritz got 5 years. Who is the greater danger to the public really? Is there a contest? No. The law as they say is an ass. Increase the minimum sentence for these crimes.

Why does this idea matter?

To send a message and it's what the public want to see, ask anyone on the street that is a law abiding citizen who is a greater menance to society and who should get a larger sentence a con artist or a thug.

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