Legalise same sex marriage.  The current laws are both discriminatory against same sex couples, and heterosexuals.  (Heterosexuals of course cannot partake in a "civil partnership")

At least civil marriage should be available to those who wish to have a civil marriage ceremony, and describe their ceremony just as a heterosexual couple can also describe their ceremony as marriage.

Civil marriage is a civil matter, not a religious matter, and therefore it is at the discretion of our politicians to allow this to happen with a majority according to polls in support of such, without any necessity whatsoever to apply any same sex marriage laws to religious institutions unless they wish to perform such, as some indeed would be happy to do.


Why is this idea important?

The current marriage laws are an odd mixture, and there are various forms of marriages or ceremonies which can take place.  With a registrar present in a place of worship, without a registrar present in a place of worship. at a registry office as a civil marriage or as a "civil partnership".

The currrent government talks about trimming down red tape, you could trim down a lot of red tape by simply calling all those civil partnerships which have taken place so far "civil marriages", disestablishing the civil partnership ceremonies and allowing same sex couples to enjoy a civil marriage ceremony.

Additionally, why the necessity to have registrars attending some religious ceremonies but not others?  If they aren't necessary at one institution, they aren't necessary at another.

This is important as separate but equal is not equal.

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