The title says it all, doesn't it? But, just in case it isn't clear, let me re-phrase it. Equal pay for equal work means that if there are two people working in the same establishment, doing work which either (1) is covered by the same job description or (2) involves the same input of effort, time and ability or (3) produces the same output, whether measured in monetary terms or by less tangible criteria such as quality and beauty; those two people should receive the same compensation package, in terms of money, fringe benefits and job security. Such evaluation of input or output should be without regard to age, seniority, rank, sex, qualifications, past performance, future prospects or membership or otherwise of any professional body, pressure group, political party or religious grouping.  Such a policy, if enacted, would fully conform to the Equal Pay Guidelines of the EU.

Why is this idea important?

Equitable treatment is the absolute bedrock of a just society. Equal pay for equal work would eliminate prejudice and favoritism in the workplace. It might also render a lot of other industrial legislation superfluous.

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