In the event of separation/divorce, joint residency should be the norm rather than the exception. Under current rules, it is absurd that a father may have to still pay child maintenance to the mother even if the children have more overnight stays with him because historically the mother has been the one in receipt of child allowance (the Child Support Agency use this to determine who the resident parent is and therefore who pays (or not) child maintenance).

Why is this idea important?

This is important because the system is weighted/biased against fathers in favour of mothers. There is an assumption that mothers are ‘naturally’ the primary carers which is not always the case.

Many fathers lose contact with their children within a few years of separation/divorce which is not in the best interests of the children or them. (I am not talking here about abusive/negligent parents, but those who want to do the best by their children).

It is unfair that many fathers should be penalised because of a decision to separate.

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  1. My partner has a son from a previous relationship and we have him every other weekend at his demand as we would gladly have him more. In the school holidays she lets us have him 2 extra nights which is by fair not enough. My partner works full time and i return to work in october from maternity leave so we are limited to when we can have him. His sons mum is able to work but claims she is financially stable until he is 7 years old not to work. We ask politely if we can have him more but have no joy. All we want is a few extra nights n the holidays without her getting nasty and taking him away from us completely. What do we do?. Fathers deserve more support when they show genuine interest like my partner.

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