is`nt  about time that all royals pay the same taxes as it`s  UK citizens ?even in death ?

stop the law society members strangling our court system and judges without readdress

also looking  in to there fees e..g  make a will ,then you pay again , again after carrying it out .sending  out letter of action then no action without readdress .

reclaim the civil courts to it`s citizens  .stop the main party`s dictating our political system with selected mps and make the system fair for independents so laws can have  scrutiny not  by infringes  of party will . removal of percentages ,remove the upper house,to fair independent manor .

stop taking the most with one hand then say your giving with the other which has a affect on all markets you earn then you take you pay you claim expenses to do you job selected by you party .

end tv licensing and make it  a even market place .

Why does this idea matter?

fairness  for all

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