As you are well aware of the West Lothian Question that has been a thorn in the side of Parliament for decades, there is also the Michael Turberville Question that has not been fully satisfied in over 60 years! The Question / or Problem-Issue as it should be called is:
Averil, a British Woman born in 1927 in Lincolnshire married Phillip, in 1944 an American Man born in 1919 in London. They have Six children.

David born in Sleaford in 1945 – Full British Nationality – and can pass on his nationality to his children.
Freda born in 1946 in England – under the amendment 2002 can now register her children as British.
Sandra – born in USA in 1949 – can register as British as of Jan 2010, but NOT her children..
Maryann born in USA in 1952 – can register as British as of Jan 2010 but NOT her children.
Phillip born in USA in 1957 – can register as British as of Jan 2010 but NOT his children.
Michael born in USA in 1967 – registered in 2003 and Only his children born in the UK are British.

The amendment and my bill that was in the Queens speech 2006 and 2007 and became an Act in 2008 was suppose to end all sex discrimination in Nationality.

Pre1983 all children of British Men are automatically British and all they have to do is apply for a UK passport showing their birth certificate, their father’s UK birth certificate and the parent’s marriage certificate and pay the Passport Application Fee.

That is it…

BUT if you are the child of a British Mother (pre83) – we have to apply for registration, pay £520 fee, have a criminal back ground check, swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, etc. Then pay £100? for a passport – because you are about to do away with the more economic identification method of the National ID card (only £30) and NO longer a viable option with it being removed and those of us who bought one in good faith now having to soon have to take a class action legal case against HM.Gov for breach of terms of condition of sale.

This is still sex discrimination!! I had in 2006 all party support in both Houses of Parliament that All Sex Discrimination in Nationality would end.  

If you check with the Home Office you will see that between 2003 and Q3 2009 that 16,555 people statistically registered who were born in the time frame of 1961 to 1983. I would expect that this number would be higher if we did not have to pay the Citizenship TAX!

But the Michael Turberville Question that will be an issue for you as it has been for every Home Secretary since my mother was first told  in 1950 that she could not come to the UK with her children born in the USA because she was Not our Father!

How can a married couple, have Six Children and have 3 different situations with regards to British Nationality? My oldest Brother can pass on his nationality to his children with out fees or charges, My oldest Sister, is considered a British Mother under the 1981 Nationality Act section 4C.

The next 3, can register as British but not their children.

And finally me – I am registered and my son born here is British, but IF I had children born abroad to a non British Mother, they would also NOT be British.

If this is to be the new progressive modernisation Parliamentary Government, then it is time that the Michael Turberville Question is resolved once and for all. This Issue is called the last great wrong of the past that Parliament has not resolved fully.

I suggest a simple change to the Nationality Act to state: any person with one (1) British born and bred grandparent is automatically entitled to British Nationality – no fees, no charges, under the same auspices as the children of British Fathers have always had. It should be noted that in certain countries it could be a person’s Father’s Father who was British and they are automatically entitled to British Nationality – So expand this to a British Grandparent and not restrict it to commonwealth countries!

I look forward to your reply and what action you intend on taking on the Michael Turberville Question. My mother and I have gone through over a dozen Home Secretaries and I hope that you will grasp the nettle and resolve this once and for all.

Why is this idea important?

Because in the 21st Century under the Human Rights Legislation it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex. So to have the children of British Father (pre 1983) to be Automatically British. The Children of British Mother's have to complete an application form (Home Office form UKM), back ground checks, references, oaths to our Queen, £530 fee's.

Additionally, we have a two-tier citizenship system: By descent and otherwise than by descent.

There should only be ONE form of British Citizenship! British Citizen!

I was promise in 2006 in an all party committee in Parliament that this last great wrong of British Acts of Parliament would be corrected and that all sex discrimination would Totally End. Having a registration process that with all the other fee's end's up costing over £600 to each Child of a British Mother is Wrong, when the children of British Father's have always been AUTOMATICALLY British, with no questions asked or forms to complete nor fee's to be paid!

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  1. Just investigating to see if the Home Office & UKBA and Theresa May are actually reading this?

    A child of a British Father can have their citizenship as soon as the passport is processed, the UKM applicants are taking between 9 and 12 months to process, with all the hoops to jump through. SEXISM still exists and 2 years in office and you have not corrected this.

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