Make all offences the same – it is just as offensive if you shout and swear at me if I'm white as it is if I'm black – you cannot say someone is less harmed by an assault or abuse simply because they are white or are not from a minority. It is VITAL that everyone is the same under the law otherwise the very law designed to protect minorities becomes divisive itself as it is now to many people.   We are either all UK citizens together with the same rights and protections or we are not – make your mind up! Putting some sections of our societies above others is just wrong. On that score, cut back on positive discrimination laws – they are doing real harm to community relations, the very opposite of the intent. Most people now are too sensible to need such draconian laws – it's not the 1960's!  Allow issues to be raised and dealt with if stupid discrimination is occuring, but gagging people and forcing them into things just entrenches the problems and causes huge amounts of undercurrent. any company or organisation which practises such stupidity will fail anyway!  Lets all be UK citizens –  the same together under the law, as it is meant to be in a democracy.

Why is this idea important?

Because I think current laws are causing more harm than good. They might have been needed once, but society has changed and even casual observation of people will show how much bad feeling they cause – and that's a shame when it is the very opposite of what they were meant to do. How can we promote integration by giving special laws to protect part of our society above others? If we are saying people are not different, then making different laws for them? The common perception seems to be in fact that what has happened is that the majority have become  lesser in the law. Now thats not true, but it is the common perception and that perception seems to be getting worse from what I hear from quite sensible balanced people.

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