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I have an Issue with the Racial Equality Laws, the issue is:-

If i was to say anything to a person of colour or race or religion that they found offencive they could use the above law to make a case out of the situation, however if the same person was to call me any name, attack my religion or deigrate my race I would not find the same recourse in law. I know that the law is supposed to work for all people but in reality it doesn't because as a white person, even though of mixed decent, no one would tak me seriously and the matter would not be taken further. An example of this is… recently my mother complained to one of her neighbours that they were causing a problem with their attitude and was told the they, she is a black woman, could do what she wanted and called my mother, who is 82, white trash. My mother Complained to her local housing office and was told they could do nothing about it. I really find this annoying as RACIAL EQUALITY should be just that. Can this law be looked at to ensure ALL CITIZENS OF THE UK ARE TREATED EQUAL!!! thank you for your time.

Why is this idea important?

I the current climate of racial tension, attackes from within and without, the fact that one person can "GET AWAY" with this sort of behavior whilst another cannot is intolerable.

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