MPs are angry at The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority for insisting that they submit a receipt for every claim, saying that it is too time-consuming. They are also angry at having to pay for things out of their own pockets before claiming the cost back later.

My wife and I have worked as nurses in the NHS for more than 25 years, most of that time as community nurses. We have to put petrol in our cars, pay for parking meters and pay for car parks while on home visits, then put in claim forms which are reimbursed 2 months later (at the earliest). We have to keep receipts and tickets (even for 20p) then fill out long claim forms which need to be checked and signed by managers (and photocopied because 1 out of 4 are lost by the finance department). Every so often, claim forms are randomly audited which means that  they are delayed by another month during the audit.

If NHS staff have to fund their work and put in claims later, why don't MPs who are on 4 times our salaries?   

Why is this idea important?

MPs MUST send receipts like evryone else in the country. They are no more or less busy than anyone else and it will help to void more fraud. MPs are known fraudsters, so have earned less trust than other employees, despite having escaped prosecution.

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