We must disassociate ourselves from interference by Europe on matters that represent a threat to British citizens. The European Court of Human Rights seeks to protect known criminals and terrorists and their "rights", whilst wholly ignoring the rights of the people of Britain to safety in their everyday lives. What authority does Europe have over an agreement between British courts and the USA? Britain needs to remind those who repeatedly play the "human rights" card that acceptance of responsibility comes before rights.

Interference in the extradition of Abu Hamza al-Masri to the USA is a good example of how the European Court of Human Rights puts itself and its ideas above the laws of Britain and the USA.

Britain has fought long and often for its civil liberties and has frequently demonstrated its responsibilities that allow us to claim our own rights. No person, group or court can be allowed to erode our right to safety so that one, two or even a hundred individuals can put their frequently absurd claims to "rights" before the rights of a whole nation.

Why is this idea important?

The importance of putting an end to interference in our way of life by the Eurppean Court of Human Rights lies in not only the immediate safety of the British population as a whole, but in the long-term protection of these islands from subjugation by those who are determined to force their beliefs and creeds on us all.

It is important to remember that Britain's freedoms and way of life were set down in 1215 AD by the Magna Carta. No ill-conceived or misguided concepts laid down by an authoritarian government or council, without the support and agreement of the British public as a whole, should be permitted to override or replace this founding document of our liberties.

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