Introduce the exemption rule when a person has a Higher rate DLA award. Specially when a person has DDA status, Chronic/progressive/ debilitating Health conditions,and  if verified by 2 independent Occupational health Doctors under the DDA 1995 [if employed]

Why is this idea important?

-Is there a point to attend a Medical when a person is made retired by independent Occupational Health Doctors on ill health grounds , has DDA 1995 status, has Higher Rate DLA status for an indefinite period.

This will immediately and ongoing save Thousands of Hours reflecting into money saved. Moreover it will make further savings as  the time saved could be focused on the existing claimants and previous claimants on IB [ who are getting away ]

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  1. Hi
    Yes this is a good Idea but where do we get 2 independent Occupational health Doctors as I have looked and can’t find one in my area Kent so if you Know One can you let me know.
    Thank you

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