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Who do you turn to if the Police can't do anything and you are in real danger?  Do you join a gang?  Or stay alone and risk life and limb as The Police are powerless?

Most people do not consider suicide to be an option, so when the local services suddenly become seriously unreliable you have a problem.  And not much choice in some cases.  Stick to 'some level of safety' with the gangs, or no safety at all and possible serious injury/ death.


This leads into 'how do ethnic gangs form?'.

Why is this idea important?

In South London it's gang central.  And many are Ethnic.  In Croydon we have also had some very serious 'bad decisions' allowing BNP Types to do stuff they should not have been allowed to do.

Obviously PR-wise that is terrible, and it also allows more lawlessness to happen.  People give up on the Cops, as they are not impartial, and fall back to community.  Gangs then form?  Well, they seem to have.  Reliably as well.  Safety in numbers.

And it's due to Cops being 'suprisingly powerless' when something really obvious is going on.  Like skinheads abusing ethnics and stuff like that.  The local cops just never seem to be able to catch them…

See the problem?  It's only a matter of time before people just give up on keeping it legal.  As they can't get access to legal in the first place.  They can't get legal aid due to a shortage in the area, and the local cops are surprisingly useless.  I used to think it was a poverty trend that drove ethnics into a life of crime.  Same as with white kids.  But the more I've seen of Croydon, and some of the terrible decisions around here, the more I see a second reason.

How do you leave the gangs if teh cops and local services will not help you?  What if you're alone and need back-up due to criminal elements?  With no cops you're as good as dead.  And most people do not see death as a reasonable option.

It's obvious this will create more gangs.  Due to lawlessness amongst the law-enforcement profession of all people.


And, obviously, what do you do if the local cops are showing a dodgy bias?  This is why, much as I love local character, it cannot be allowed to run 'unchecked'.  We need a National Police Force to appeal to if local is not exactly up to scratch.

And with possible Police Corruption on the cards it's obvious you're talking a British equivelant of the FBI.

What if you can't trust local?  What's the next level up to speak to?



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