Stop allowing the EU directives effectively outlawing our access to information and use of safe natural products. Members of the public have never asked for this.

The majority of the nutrients, herbs and dosages which the EU Medicines and Food Directives are endeavouring to outlaw are totally safe. Some are also more effective at supporting health issues than the dangerous pharmaceuticals. However, the bottom line line is it should be an individuals right to choose.

Why is this idea important?

Many pharmaceutical medicines are dangerous and they are one of the leading causes of death in the west. Every year many are pulled off the market because they are found either to not work or to cause more harm than good, often after years of reaping profits and without any accountability for the misery they've caused. This is usually after years of denying that they've been killing people.

Why has the EU been allow to impose draconian laws & redeifnitions that now outlaw so many natural nutrients, herbs, uselful doses, provision of information based on research studies and future innovations in natural approaches to health. These products have a virtually 100% safety record after many years of free access and use by millions of people in the UK and US. Some of the herbs have been used safely for centuries by certain communities worldwide.

This is a prime example of a really important and fundamental civil liberty seemingly losing out to the big businesses (that profits & wants the monopoly on ill health). That is, pharmaceutical companies with massive lobby groups influencing those power-tripping corrupt & meddling EU law makers. It's surely a very basic human right to have access to information and to make our own choices concerning our own health and our family's health. 

In the long term is will help ruin the country too. They will never be happy enough with the amount and price of the crap the nhs buys from them! Like any multi billion making industry, they operate purely for profit – why would they want prevention or to promote health when it would prevent the peddling of their drugs. We should be seriously regulating them but it seems that big business and greed is regulating policy and crushing our freedoms. 

I have overcome many a health issue by researching and trying natural products, it hasn't cost the nhs a penny.

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