Remove the regulation where an EU spouse of a British Citizen, who can proof that they have been legally married for over 3 years and can prove that they have been living together in Britain for over 3 years still has to take a British Citizen test in order to receive British Citizenship or at least scrap the obscene fee (over £700) that has to be paid.

Why is this idea important?

As a Briton born and bred, I find it outrageous that my EU wife should have to take a test supposedly aimed at reducing the number of non-English speaking immigrants to get UK citizenship AND have to pay an outrageous fee into the bargain! She speaks perfect English, yet to obtain citizenship (which surely should be a right by marriage) she has to take a demeaning test at a cost of around £750 "admin" fee. As the wife of a Brit, the fee applicable is the highest for anyone applying, including all non-EU immigrants.

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