The European Arrest Warrant has replaceed extradition within the EU. It is based on the idea of all states having a high standard of justice. It is being abused, judicial systems are not equal and people are being tried and convicted in absentia so an arrest warrant can be issued for something you know nothing about. This has got to be suspended until safeguards for the ordinary person are implemented.

Why is this idea important?

 The problem is that it is leading to the ordinary citizens being caught up in Orwellian situations and the judiciary can't refuse to extradite them. Under normal extradition the judiciary can carry out a full review of the case and decide whether or not there is a case to answer. Take the case of Edmond Arapi: sentenced in Italy to 16 years for murder in his absence until public pressure here forced the Italians to concede they had the wrong man; he was supposed to go to Italy and start serving his sentence before appearing in court at all. Unfortunately, his case isn't isolated. Do we really believe that courts across Europe all operate to the same standards? 

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