The chances of the political elite repealing this Act are zilch, but the DPM did ask and it'll be fun to see how many suggestions like this are dispensed with as 'unpracticable', 'unworkable', 'too difficult', etc.

Talking of which, if repealing the Act which underpins our subordination to EU law and micro-management is so difficult after a mere 37 years of membership (I think we joined the year after the Act was passed…), how come it was so easy to override the previous 900 years of our legal and constitutional history when passing the Act?

Why is this idea important?

First, it'll do more than almost any other measure to restore accountability to British government by ensuring that responsibility for British law-making resides with British law-makers.

Second, and arising out of the first point, the torrent of EU directives and regulations passively implemented by British bureaucrats, mostly without parliamentary oversight, would cease to have legal effect, thus freeing us at a stroke from the micro-regulation of life so beloved of Euro-pols.

Third, we would no longer subsidise corrupt Mediterranean olive farmers or Polish day-care arrangements or whatever else citizens of other countries should themselves be paying for.

Fourth, we would mercifully exit a dangerously (because unaccountable) EU-elite-driven process of political integration which, because much of Europe is actively hostile to it, is likely to end in spilt blood. Continental Europe has given much to the world, but stable governance and peaceful political change are not among them.

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