The people of England are not currently entitled to the same level of democracy as the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Under the Human Rights Act – as opposed to English Common Law and common sense – foreign terrorists cannot be deported to their countries of origin, but kept under Police surveillance in the United Kingdom at vast expense to the British taxpayer.  And what effect do you think the Stockholm Protocol as opposed to Common Law / common sense will have on English Democracy?

Questions on Law in the United Kingdom:

Did or did not Mr Cameron promise that there would be no more European dictats steamrollered through the British Parliament?  So why is he still signing off on them; e.g. appendages to the Lisbon Treaty; reference European financial governance?

Question 2.  Who is the final arbitrator of laws in the United Kingdom:

a)  the unelected Commissioners in Brussels?
b)  the unelected European Court?
c)  the European Parliament?
d)  the unelected Supreme Court?
e)  the unelected politically-appointed House of Lords?
f)  the unelected Keir Starmer, DPP?
g)  Why has over a thousand years of English Common Law and common sense been superseded by European dictat?
h)  Could you please list in order of importance our locally-elected Member of Parliament’s obligations:

a)  to his constituency
b)  to himself
c)  to his party
d)  to his country
e)  to Europe

Why is this idea important?

For continuing democracy and freedom in England.

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