Theresa May on behalf of all UK citizens and Her Majesty's Government (HMG) should not sign up to the European Investigation Order(EIO) and she should opt out of the EIO.

Why is this idea important?


The EIO will severely restrict our right to privacy and further erode our freedom.  The EIO will erode the UK's power to decide its own laws.The EIO further erodes Britain's democracy.

In my view all requests for information from a foreign power.-the European Community (EC) is a foreign power, a pretty undemocratic one at that – have to go through the courts in an open and honest manner.  Not this dictatorial and underhand method.  The suspect should be made aware of the threat of investigation before it proceeds and the suspect should be given the clear right to defend him/herself in the courts.The suspect's defence process should be made inexpensive so anyone can defend his or her rights. Further, only cases where the offence is a crime in the UK should be considered. All other requests need to be rejected immediately by the courts.

Also, this is another case where all laws of any kind need to pass this test, ' Any rule or regulation affecting the citizens of the United Kingdom brought in by treaty without the approval of parliament and/or people,is hereby declared invalid.'  This quoted statement needs to pass into law immediately.

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