Have a simple referendum – Should we stay in  or should we get out.

Ted Heath lied when he said it was for trade only – we had EFTA so didn't need to join.

Why is this idea important?

We wont be supporting an enormously corrupt system where millins of pounds disappear and where the accounts have not been signed off for years, which I think is criminal.

We shall be able to clear the nation debt quicker by paying off what we have to put into the EU.

 We can have our 5-mile limit back so our fisheries industry can be revived. 

Our farmers can get on with farming instead of having to stick to quotas and ridiculous set-aside

We can stick to our own laws instead of being dictated to by foreigners who think they know better

We will be able to control our borders and not HAVE to let in people from EU countries if we dont want them.

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