Get us out of the European Union which was sold to us in 1973 by Edward Heath. He told us it was the European Economic Community. it was a lie. The Treaty of Rome which is what we actually signed up to talks solely about ultimate political union which is very nearly what we have today.

Why is this idea important?

Getting out of this union will allow us to dictate our own future. It will not stop us from trading with either the European Union or the rest of the world. It will save us a fortune and bearing in mind our substantial debts thanks to the Labour Government  we need to do it quickly. I suggest a referendum which I suspect will show a majority for leaving the European Union.  Legislation can then follow. If the European Union doesn't like it they can lump it. Then we can get rid of the ridiculous human rights legislation and many other laws imposed on us by the unelected  idiots in Brussels

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