A law must be brought in to help the lower income people and those on benefits survive excessive bank charges, some banks have changed the way they charge, they done away with the word PENALTY, but replaced the charges as,  An Arranged overdraft fee  and a un-arranged overdraft fee.

Both of these charges are quite excessive and unfair, sometimes leaving people on benefits or low income with-out any money in their accounts to live on, I have been on long term jsa benefit, 18 month's now with no chance of work because of my age, I have a £100 overdraft limit, but only receive £76 per fortnight, I sometimes have £40 every second payment to last me 4 weeks as all of my first of the months payment is taken for Arranged and un-arranged overdraft fees, so I am constantly paying the fees (penalty charges). Try telling that to the Credit companies when they start to chase for non-payment of bills,ccj's or bailiff' warning's.

Why is this idea important?

It is very important that the banks must be brought into line,

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