I made these suggestions to Eric Pickles and was disappointed at the usual letter you get from government when you write them with suggestions or comments. It dids no more than restating everything we already know about existing legislation and what the Coalition intends to do about it. No mention of my ideas or what they thought of them. Your votes will indicate whether there is a collective will along the lines of my suggestions:

My suggestions to cut back excessive salaries:  

1. Perhaps an upper limit by law for the various levels within councils and statutory partnerships would be a good measure.

2. Unravel Labour madness on bonuses. I cannot see why any council leader warrants pay in excess of £150,000.

3. Limits required for staff in local authorities as well as councils.

4. How about a law for private as well as public positions making it a requirement to qualify for a bonus only according to strict, relevant, formally documented and approved criteria within government guidelines?

(a) A requirement for written evidence with two or more authorised signatures to fully document the justification for the bonus payment when it is paid.

(b) The criteria should not only include positive criteria, but partly and wholly disqualifying negative ones. Had such existed, those responsible for the fiascos at polling stations could not have legally got anything extra.

5. How about going one step further and establishing deductions from basic salary if certain fundamental criteria are not met? In other words a statutory requirement for penalties.


Why is this idea important?

The taxpayer is being fleeced with impunity

We have excessive salaries and an irresponsible bonus culture.

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