The LEZ has meant that many equestrian 'hobbyists' have either had to give up or severely adjust their activities due to the LEZ. Also, equestrian centres within the LEZ are affected too.

Why is this idea important?

Privately owned horse boxes should be exempt from the LEZ – or be able to buy a 'ticket' enabling them a certain number of days access.

Many private horse boxes will only be used once a week, during the summer… or even less… and many people have had to cease travelling to shows within the LEZ bcause it was not worth them upgrading their vehicles for the few times it would be used.

The LEZ is surely meant to be aimed at the many commercial vehicles which drive into and around the city. Horseboxes will drive to the venue… be parked for the day…. then drive home again. Is it fair that they have to pay £200 for the priviledge? Several small local shows have ceased to exist due to the LEZ – their patrons being unable to warrant upgrading wehicles – so many young people have simply stopped competing since their parents won't take them further afield…

Either exemption for private horseboxes, or allow them an affordable 'ticket' system for a set number of days in the year.

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