My housing organisation in the Richmond borough are building a truly MASSIVE new building for their offices while they already have office buildings in practically every town in the borough.Now I know they in receipt of public funding and accordingly I wrote to the housing manager to ask him under the Foe Act how much the building costs and where the money to build such an enormous construction in width, breadth and height came from. He curtly replied that he didn't have to give me such information. Please change the law so that all housing organisations in regular receipt of public funds (It must be costing millions!)discloses the financial details for there is another housing organisation which DOES disclose these figures in this borough. This is a waste of public money based on the pure greed of such landlords who, at the same time, are miserly and mean towards their tenants, refusing to spend a penny on many essential repairs, etcetera.

Why is this idea important?

In the present state of things with an emphasis upon transparency, and accountability and openness about expenses it is only right they should come clean.

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