Expensive chronical treatment under NHS for newly arrived foreigners

I know several Eastern Europeans with long term health problems, such as cancer,

coming to the UK for a freeloading medical treatment.

One Lithuanian I know, who has a leukemia, arrived to the UK, got a job as a pizza delivery man and then turn up into hospital. He was put in a ward and then kindly referred to several consultants and received  £20,000 per year treatment.

That’s in spite the fact that lots of British tax paying people denied cancer drug. I don't know exactly which EU law allows that but it doesn’t make any sense. If we cannot afford to treat our own people, how come we through money on people who just arrived.

My idea  is to repealing/modifying the law that allows that non sense. For example so that pre -existing condition could not be treated NHS, similar to insurance companies which do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Why does this idea matter?

We simply can’t afford to treat every sick of Eastern Europe. Besides if you go Lithuania, I doubt you will get £20000 cancer treatment for free. I don't blame any eastern Europeans- I would do the same, if I was them until the law was changed. 

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