I'm in my 40's and have been driving for 20 years.  I have a full clean licence and have driven cars minibuses and even a 7.5 ton vehicle – all in a private non-paid capacity.  I'm unemployed and would like to use my extensive driving experience to drive larger vehicles Class 1 and 2 LGVs.  However, it seems that I won't be able to do this.  All of the recruitment/driving agencies are telling me that I won't be able to apply for the numerous driving jobs available because I don't have enough experience and as a result I won't be able to be insured.  This creates a catch-22 situation because I will never get the experience because I can't get insured to drive.  I would like the government to look into what appears to be a block to new entrants into the LGV jobs market.  This is preventing people like me applying for jobs that are out there and which I could do but am being prevented getting into what amounts to a closed shop.  I want to get back to work and I would like to do that through driving but I'm facing a brick wall which I can't get around.  Can you help?  Thanks 

Why is this idea important?

People who could get back to work, who want to get back to work, are being stopped by an insurance industry requirement that bars new entrants without experience.  Allowing people like me into the jobs market would improve the functioning of the supply and demand characteristics of this jobs/employment sector.  This government wants people like me to get back to work – this is one barrier to entering the jobs markets that could be removed by Government action and would reduce the dole queue.

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