I would like to extend the right to get married in civil ceremonies to same-sex couples, so that the civil liberties of families are no longer divided in 'separate but equal' and discriminatory  states depending on their sexualities

Why is this idea important?

I understand a key part of the 'civil liberties' agenda to be about ensuring that every citizen in the UK has the same rights under the law as every other citizen.

There are few examples in the law where Parliament and the Government regard 'separate but equal' as a satisfactory settlement; the Civil Partnerships Act was a fantastic step forward, and probably as far as society was able to go at the time, but, now, the laws of the land confirm that marriage is a legal state that two people, being in love and legally capable, can enter into if the partners are of opposite genders but not if of the same gender.  I appreciate that this isn't about ending oppressive legislation and is not likely to be sympathetically received by Tories and the House of Lords, but is about ending a patronising divide in family relationships

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