I think people who have been on rolling temporary contracts for more than 2 years should be given the right to permanent employment within an organization. It seems crazy to me that permanent jobs are offered to staff with permanent contracts but who have taken masses of time off sick (6 months allowed with pay seemingly for as many times as they like) within their working careers. The same individuals who also oppose necessary change & are reluctant to bring the best for the organization paying their salary. The temporary contract legeslation makes no sense when it favours the lazy and complacent that have been fortunate enough to secure permanent posts yet turns away the hard working dedicated albeit temporarily contracted members of staff who really want to make a difference to public sectors that now need to reassess and make effective changes in the current economic climate.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because it gives hard working individuals a fairer chance of remaining in the workplace and developing their potential.  it also re-introduces a sense of  value for hard work, effort & willingness to embrace change which ought to be encouraged by the incentive to be proud of what is contributed and achieved. It rewards productivity and flexibility as opposed to supporting stubborn negativity.

A permanent contract should be regarded as a position of value for hard work and effort to go the extra mile, especially where customer care is concerned. Instead It is often seen as a safety net where minimal activity is required for a salary and change is resisted because of archaic out dated work ideals that no longer suit the organization.

6 months sick leave on full pay seems an excessive reward for those individuals that get stressed out by the concept of necessary & effective change. Excessive also since the lambs to the slaughter are often excellent  hard working staff who fall foul of the legislative rules of temporary employment.

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